> Born 1992 in Bordeaux, director, writer, videast, working in Germany and France <

> Graduated in Philosophy at University of Bordeaux III and moved to Germany. Studied Directing at the University of Television and Film Munich <

> Directed several short films - at the crossroads between documentary approach and experimentalfilm - trying to reflect and question our world and the way we live in it. Worked about our western way of life and its consequences - Apocalypse Airlines & Apocalypse Baby - our gender norms - I love my #hairlegs - our loneliness - Dead Ducks - our way of being young - couz - our way of getting old - Les Sauvages ... <

> Those films have been internationally screened at film festivals / shown in galleries and have been awarded at : Short Tiger Award Cannes 2020, Muenzenberforum Berlin Experimentalfilm Award, Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg Audience Award, Munich Filmschool Festival Climate Film Award + Kurzfilmwoche Oberhausen, Côté Court Pantin, Kurzfilmfestival Dresden ... <

> Since 2018, collaborate with visual artist Franziska Unger as a director’s duo with the pseudonyme Apocalypse Delight. Currently developing the third part of a film trilogy about consumerism, pleasure, global warming and individualism. Together holder of the Media Art Scholarship of the Kirch Stiftung for the year 2020 <

> Educated in Direction of Photography at the ENS Louis Lumière Paris. Worked as a cinematographer on the middle-lengh film Which Way To The West (directed by K. Kilian - “3sat Award” at Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen) <

> Also working on dramaturgy and / or video for theater - at Kammerspiele and Pathos München. It happened by accident because of  Virginie Despentes - continuing since then, loving it <